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Reducing the burden of mental health within our community

The Benefits of Revitalise Minds

Therapeutic activities to boost mental health & well-being.

Our social activities are geared towards awakening your cognitive abilities enabling you to thrive.

Inclusive and supportive culture across all services

We support individuals on one-to-one basis to actively participate in activities that they enjoy hence better quality of life.

Building relationships within a collaborative network

We include families, friends, carers and other interested parties in the integration of support services to individuals.

Improving access to essential mental health services

Access to healthcare is a fundamental right and so is access to mental health care. We are diversifying the services, hence improving access.

Uniquely customised practical and person-centered activities

Our Eureka Model of activities is unique to every individual. We design the shoes that are comfortable and ideal for you to navigate your mental health journey!

Affordable services and suitable for all abilities

Our services are pocket-friendly, and the social activities are adaptable to suit all ages and abilities.

Example Activities

  • Arts & crafts

    Card making
    Knitting, sewing, crocheting
    Making collages, mosaic

  • Listening to music, singing and chatting about movies

  • Reading books

  • Reminiscence – going back down memory lane

  • Crosswords, puzzles & jigsaw puzzles

  • Drawing, painting and colouring

  • Nail painting (Manicure & Pedicure)

  • Make-up, jewellery making (Earrings, bracelets, necklaces)

  • Mindfulness colouring

  • Balloon games, stress balls, textures and sensory stimulation activities

  • Guided meditation

How Do They Help?


— Scrapbook: Memory Stimulation

Everybody has a unique journey in life. Our personal history, family background, academic pursuits, professional journey and social engagements are a story to tell. Revitalise Minds ‘Eureka Model’ helps you uniquely tell the story of your life in a different way.

Different senses are used to bring the narrative of your life alive hence boosting your cognition ability, improving your socialisation skills and promoting your health and well-being. We will help you create that narrative in ways that are fun and unique to you!

For our full list of activities or to learn more about our services please contact us

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