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Revitalise Minds Fundraising Forum

Please donate and help us give care to those who need it, thank you! Revitalise Minds is Fundraising! Donations and funds through this forum will help offer mental health support to individuals who need social ...
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5 Ways to Improve Your Mental Health

Revitalise Minds uses the following methods to improve mental health and wellbeing Mental Health games – psychotherapeutic games that enhance cognition and brain ...
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Together for Mental Health

The mental health journey can be a precarious journey when taken without the right support. Everybody has a mental issue they deal with ...
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The Flight

Most of my friends who have shared their flight experiences with me always talk about how they look forward to a smooth take ...
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Diversity in Service Provision

Social activities are a unique way of engaging. Engagement in social activities is a common way of promoting physical health in people. Revitalise ...
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Flexible Working

At Revitalise Minds we work with our clients and not for our clients. We work with you to ensure you get the best ...
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