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A customisable, person-centred approach to mental health and wellbeing

About Revitalise Minds


A passion for the elderly and mental health driven by experience in social care.

Jeniffer is an experienced healthcare professional who has a bachelor’s in Public Health (UG) and an Msc in Epidemiology and Biostatistics from the University of Leeds, UK. She started her career as a Public Health Officer in Kenya. Jeniffer has worked professionally in Health centers and Hospitals (Kenya) and in the Social Care industry (UK). Jeniffer has also been actively involved with the communities she has lived in an has also worked with children and youth groups for many years.

Jeniffer’s passion for the elderly, mental health and her experience working in Social Care; was the motivation behind forming Revitalise Minds Limited, as the demand for diversified mental health services continues to rise.

Our Approach

Our target is to create a positive impact on mental health across our community

Mental Health issues can cripple an individual, family and an entire community. As an organization, we are focused on working with individuals through collaborative efforts from friends, their relations, mental health promoting stakeholders and the communities where these individuals come from.

— Our Mission

We endeavour to offer enhanced services and activities that will reduce the burden of mental health problems.

— Our Vision​

To be a premier local, national and international organization that promotes mental health through efficient, effective and practical social activities.

— Our Mission

To take a holistic approach in the provision of mental health services with a one-to-one focus that are; reliable, innovative, person-centered and affordable.

Our Story

The communities we come from and live in, have a great influence on our lives, hence we cannot work independent of these communities.

Our collaborative efforts to tackle mental health challenges will eventually lead to healthier and wealthier communities. The greatest dilemma in Mental Health is the crippling effects that it brings to the people with mental health issues. It is sad to see individuals with mental health needs treated as a ‘group’ and generalised despite their unique conditions. It is financially logical to do this to efficiently account for public resources. However; as an organisation, we have a model to wellness (Eureka Model) that we use to individualise care to every person we work with.


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